CHANEL Fragrance & Beauty Boutique in Israel

In memory of Karl Lagerfeld.

Chanel just opened a Fragrance & Beauty Boutique in Ramat Aviv and it is as beautiful as you can imagine.
Ramat Aviv’s shopping mall is one of my personal favorites to shop in. I always feel when stepping inside, I somehow manage to leave the hectic shopping experience at the door, and enter a calmer, sophisticated environment. The shops are bright and tidy, and I roam around at ease thanks to the spacious layout. It seems only natural to me that for their first boutique in Israel, CHANEL chose Ramat Aviv mall.


The boutique is dedicated to the world of fragrance, makeup and skincare, as well as sunglasses, a refreshing take, and one that gives the visitor the essence of CHANEL. The boutique invites the customer into the fabulous world of CHANEL, with textured walls and black lacquer consoles that are bold and modern, different to what we are used to seeing in beauty boutiques. The boutique’s interior has the sophisticated appeal that CHANEL is known for.





A large beautiful makeup stand welcomes one as you enter the boutique. Beauty consultants are ready to help one project the vision of CHANEL beauty into everyday life, special occasions and to diagnose individual skincare needs. Created by CHANEL Global Creative Makeup and Color Designer, Lucia Pica, the bold collections invite one into a world of colors, textures and emotions. On request, a personal appointment is available too, and can be a wonderful and enriching experience.


CHANEL Fragrances

I found the fragrance section of the boutique, featuring a large range of CHANEL perfumes one of the most impressive I have visited. I was pleasantly surprised to discover new fragrances I haven’t had a chance to smell before, and especially the three unique creations from the sophisticated collection LES EAUX DE CHANEL. A fragrance expert will always be ready to assist you in finding your signature fragrance.




CHANEL Eyewear

There is no doubt eyewear is an essential accessory. A dedicated eyewear space presents a comprehensive collection of CHANEL sunglasses, highlighting the classics of the House: pearls, tweed and interlaced chains. I find it very relevant and modern idea to combine beauty and fashion in the same space, giving us a complete CHANEL experience.


CHANEL is looking forward to welcoming clients to a true place of expression where elegance and audacity is in perpetual motion. Ramat Aviv Mall, Einstein St 40, Tel Aviv 6910203, Israel
Tel: +972-3-9406262 | E-mail:

[email protected]Pictures by Eran Lamm & Shantih Gidron

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