It seems that this year as temperatures rise to an unbearable degree, makeup companies are trying to help us deal with these hot summers in a colorful and uplifting way. Soft spring colors move aside and make place for vibrant summer colors, edgier and flaming hot. Dior makeup especially puts an emphasis on making our makeup stand out, and their new summer launches are some to look out for.

Dior’s summer look emphasizes the eyes, featuring the well known and loved 5 Couleurs Eye Shadow Pallets in several new shades. 357 Electrify (seen in the pictures) is the palette that is featured in the ad campaign, on gorgeous Bella Hadid. It contains 5 unique summer colors, ranging from light coral to deep turquoise. The pigmented formula has a soft feel to it, and the colors are as beautiful on the eyes as in the pan. 282 NIS.
The new Diorshow mascara is one to look out for. Pump’N’Volume does exactly what the name suggests, coating the lashes with deep black color and lengthening them without making them look clumpy. The silicon brush is comfortable to use, separating the lashes and creating a beautiful wide open look. A great choice for those who are seeking the one to commit to! 172 NIS.


A summer look isn’t complete without one of summer’s biggest trends: the lip stain. Dior’s version of this product is Dior Addict Lip Tattoo – a light-weight formula that resembles Korean stains I have tried in the past. 491 Natural Rosewood is a beautiful deep mauve color that leaves a noticeable stain on the lips. It has good staying power, but needs to be re-applied after eating. Be sure to moisturize your lips well before applying, as stains have a tendency to cling to dry patches and emphasize them. 162 NIS.
Last but definitely not least is a product for our man. Sauvage Cool Spray Fresh Eau de Toilette is as its name suggests a cooling spray for our guys to use all over their body to freshen up. It is a great way to re-apply perfume without it being heavy or too much, and the classic Sauvage scent is loved for a good reason. 337 NIS.
All Dior products are available at the Dior boutique in Tel Aviv.



Photos | Or Danon
Hair & Makeup | Loren Shein

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